Susanne Wilson, M.A.

The Love Language
of the Afterlife

About Susanne

Susanne Wilson has a BA in management with an HR concentration, MA in public administration, and certification as a senior professional in human resources (SPHR). She has been a manager of compensation and benefits in a company, vice president of a company, founder and administrative director of the Center for Leadership and Innovation at Florida Gulf Coast University, analyst in the small business development center, and administrative manager of the Stanford University Medical Center. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

In 2007, Susanne had an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. She found herself surrounded by white light and heard beautiful spirit music that washed waves of peace through her. While in this wonderful state, she felt the arms of her grandfather enfolding her. She heard a voice say that she had to go back and start her work. Her near-death experience changed her life. As she wrote, "I found my calling."

In her presentation, Susanne will share insights into the many ways in which loved ones in the afterlife communicate directly with us. We can better connect with our loved ones living in the next realm of eternal life when we are aware of the many ways in which they try to communicate directly with us. Susanne refers to this awareness as learning the love language of the afterlife.

Drawing upon case studies from her experience as a medium and spiritual teacher, Susanne will share answers to her most frequently asked questions, including "Do I really sense my loved one with me, or is it my imagination?" "Why did a friend get a sign from my loved one when I haven't gotten a sign yet?" and "What can I do to encourage a dream visit?"

Susanne will also gently lead the group through a guided meditation she has used successfully to help people connect with their loved ones in the afterlife. It is a method participants will be able to use when they want to connect after they return home. (This session does not include readings, however.)